International vs Local School – Which is the Better Choice?

Do you know that the school you send your child to can have a profound impact on his academic performance? This makes it critical for parents to think carefully and do deep and extensive research before choosing a school for their kids.

Singapore is a fascinating country that is home to a lot of top-rated international and local schools. That said, it may be challenging to choose between a local and an international school as they both have their perks and downsides.

To make an informed decision, you must compare both of them and pick the one that will suit the needs of your child.

Why international schools are becoming mainstream

International schools in Singapore are becoming more and more popular and for good reasons. Unlike local schools with average teaching standards, international schools offer well-rounded curriculum and high teaching standards. This makes parents prefer them for their kids.

Needless to say, international schools are great. But before you head out to enroll your kids into the any of them, you need to keep in mind that their fees are unbelievably high. So, if you are on a budget, or you struggle to make ends meet, then you should think twice before sending your child to an international school. Keep it in mind that you don’t have to send your child to a super expensive school for him to grow and reach his potential. In fact, you may be shocked to find out that some of the top-rated and expensive international schools in Singapore may not be good for your child.

To help ease your decision-making process, we are going to be looking at some of the perks and downsides of international and local schools in Singapore.

Mingling with foreign kids

As you surely know, more than half of the population of the students are expatriates. So, when you enroll your child into one, he will have an opportunity to mingle with kids from different nationalities and learn about multiple cultures. This will ultimately broaden his horizons and help him reach his potential quicker. However, you need to keep in mind that the kids in international schools are likely going to go back to their country probably to continue their studies. This, in turn, will make it difficult or impossible for students to forge lasting relationships.

Unlike international schools, local schools create an opportunity for expatriate students to learn about the culture and the various languages spoken in their host country.

School fees

This is the main factor that differentiates international and local schools. The tuition of most local schools in Singapore starts from $13 per month and may reach up to $700 per month (for foreigners). The fees are expected to rise in years to come.

The fees for most international schools in Singapore are from $13.000 to $47,000. Keep in mind that there are some of them that come with additional fees like registration and application fees. 

Final note

The bottom line is that international and local schools have their perks and downsides. So before making a decision as to the one you are going to send your child, you first have to consider the need and preferences of your kids.