Two Factors to Consider When Choosing An International Preschool for Your Child

A preschool is a safe haven where your child can develop and ultimately reach their potential. Studies have shown that preschool is one of the best things that could happen to a child and this is because it helps them develop socially and also improve their cognitive prowess.

When it comes to a child’s education, parents are basically in the driver’s seat. This is because they determine if their child will attend preschool or not. Some parents want their child to attend preschool partially before they enter kindergarten.  On the other hand, there are parents who don’t want their child to attend preschool at all.  The bottom line here is that parents are in full control of their child’s education especially at an early age. Parents who are looking for a school to enroll their child can consider GESS International Preschool who provides a learning environment that promotes passion for learning.

Most parents have seen how international preschool can serve as a boost to their children and prepare them for their transition into preschool. These parents; surely, have a lot to consider before enrolling their child in preschool. For starters they might think about how many hours a day their child is going to be in school, the age of their child and the educational philosophy’s their child is going to be exposed to.

Choosing just any preschool is not good enough for your child. You have to make detailed research before enrolling your child in one. In this article, we are going to discuss two factors to look out for, when selecting an international preschool for your child.

All parents want the best of care and attention to be given to their child in preschool. Therefore it is not out of place to inquire about the kind of teaching as well as play areas, to see if it is good enough for their child. The fact that a preschool has an expensive tuition fee doesn’t mean that it is good.  Parents also need to consider their own needs so that they do not end up stressed out because of their child’s preschool program.

Philosophy factor

As you begin to look for the best preschool for your little one, you are left with a difficult task of choosing the right one for your child. A preschool has their unique philosophies.

Well, the philosophy that almost all preschool share is – learning while playing.  Children have a very short attention span and at that, they are easily distracted. So, their play-based curriculum in most preschools encourages children to use their imagination.

Some parent might think that play is not a good way for children to learn. But reports have shown that the opposite is the case. Over the years, there have been a lot of positive outcome from preschool programs. For starters, the children learn how to solve problems, learn basic math and develop their social and literacy skills.

So, just before you enrol your child in a preschool take time to read their philosophy and mission statement.  Reading this will give you insight on how teachers are going to interact and manage the behaviours of kids. It will also shed light as to what to expect from your child in terms of development and growth.

The final note here is for you to follow your guts, if you feel like a preschool curriculum, teacher and philosophy are good enough for you, trust your gut. Never allow fancy words and elaborate promises fool you. If for any reason you don’t feel comfortable about a preschool, you shouldn’t just compromise, rather you should make a deep research to see if they can meet up with your child’s needs.