What to Consider When Choosing a Preschool for Your Child

Education is an important thing that every person must have. Learning actually starts at home, but formal education happens in school. There are several stages that a person must go through and finish every year. There are a large number of schools not just in Singapore but in other countries as well and they offer us education for different stages. As a child, the first school that he/she enters is a preschool which could also be a kindergarten or a child care centre.

However, most of us don’t really know that these three differ in some ways. Mind Champs will help us determine the differences between preschools, kindergarten, and child care centres below.

Demystifying the Difference: Preschools, Kindergartens and Child Care Centres in Singapore

What is the difference between preschools, kindergartens and child care centres in Singapore? Many first-time Singaporean parents scratch their heads over this when they look for early childcare. Although the terms “preschool,” “kindergarten” and “child care centre” in Singapore are sometimes used interchangeably, there are key differences between them. Be sure to know what sets one apart from the other before you choose the best care arrangement for your child during his/her precious early years.

To start, know that in Singapore, any institution that provides early childhood care and education services is considered a preschool. As such, child care centres and kindergartens are both considered preschools; however, each caters to different needs and varies in education approaches. When it comes to choosing a child care centre or kindergartens in Singapore, note these main differences: Read more here.

One such example is My Little Campus children preschool, that caters from infants to kindergarten children. They are also noticeable for preparing kindergarten children for primary school. Programme-wise, they cover linguistics, Mathematics and Science concepts. If you are worried about your children not able to catch up, this is where you can send your children to.

So child care centres and kindergartens are both considered preschools and differences between the two are in the aspects of age criteria, timing, closure and school holidays, education approach, food and routine care, and government subsidy. Now that we know the difference between the two, let us now find out about the things that we should look out for when choosing the right preschool for your child in Singapore. Chelsia Tan finds out more.

Nursery at Tanglin in Singapore: 4 things to look out for when choosing the right preschool for your child

New to the whole process of selecting the best nursery for your three-year-old? Thankfully, Singapore’s not short on preschools that offer a holistic education, and one such example is the Nursery at Tanglin. Tanglin Trust School prides itself on specialising in British-based education developed to reflect the needs and circumstances of its children. The Nursery at Tanglin combines child-focused learning with the latest educational research and best practice. Here, Victoria Thomas, Head of Nursery, tells us more.

A close-knit community

It may be located within a large campus, but the nursery is a warm, welcoming and stimulating setting, offering a fun and happy learning environment for all children. Each class of 20 is guided by a teacher and two teaching and learning assistants, and there are shared areas within the nursery to encourage interaction across classes. What’s more, if you’re planning on continuing your child’s education at Tanglin, this place prepares children for the rest of their learning journey. Read more here.

            So according to Chelsia Tan, the things that we have to look out for when choosing the right preschool for our child are a close-knit community, an out of the classroom syllabus, a dedicated team, and an open- door policy. However, one thing that we should also try to find out is the number of teachers and students in that school. The Asian Parent will tell us we should worry about the child-teacher ratio in Singapore preschools.

WHY teacher-child ratio in Singapore preschools is worrying!

Is the current teacher child ratio in Singapore preschools satisfactory? How do children benefit from having a lower teacher child ratio?

“Children, let’s sing our greeting song!”

“Teacherrrrrr, I want my water bottle!”

“I want to go to the toilet!”

“Ow! Sarah’s leg is touching me!”

Brian’s face scrunched up in annoyance. He was eager about the lesson today, after spying several new objects near Miss Chen’s feet. He was starting to grow impatient. When was class going to start? Everyone in class seemed to be calling out for Miss Chen’s attention. She

had to tend to all their needs.

“But what about me?”, Brian thought to himself, “I want Miss Chen to start the lesson but everyone is calling for her and there is only one Miss Chen…” Read more here.

We all know that children have different characteristics and personalities and we can’t avoid having students who are really active, energetic, and noisy. That is the reason why we have to be concerned about the teacher-student ratio because if one teacher handles a big number of students, tendency is that some of the children in the class might not be given attention and it will be a disadvantage and a waste. Entering preschool is an important stage and we should be careful in choosing the school to send our children to in order to ensure a good quality of learning for our children.