A sneak peek at what your child will learn during preschool

Many parents in Singapore send their kids to preschool to prepare them for kindergarten. Whether you are a new parent or not, you likely may be considering doing the exact same thing.

As you prepare to send your child to any of the reputable preschool programs in Singapore, a part of you may wonder what your child will be taught there.

This article will satisfy your curiosity, as it unveils some key things your kid will learn during preschool.

Sound and letters

Your kid will learn to recognize the alphabets (uppercase and lower case). He will also learn how to write out his first name and other meaningful words like dad and mom. Even more, he will learn to develop a connection between sound and letters.

How to help

You can help your kid become more proficient with the alphabet by singing the “ABC song” with him. You can reinforce letter learning by having your kid play with the magnet letters on your refrigerator.

Shapes, colors, and objects

Preschoolers will be taught to identify body parts, basic shapes, and colors.

How to help

As you walk around with your child, you should ask him to identify the colorsof objects, buildings, or cars around. Another fun way to do this is to ask your child the color of his shoes, shirt, socks, and pants when you are getting him dressed.

As you read through books together, ask him to point out the various shapes in the book.

Numbers and counting

This makes up a large part of the preschool curriculum.

Your kid will learn to name the numerals (0 to 9). He will also be taught how to count.

How to help

A great way to help your kid get a firm grasp of numbers is by asking him to identify the numbers he comes across every day. To help him hone his counting skill, you can ask him to count everyday objects like the toys he has, the blocks on the floor, and so on.

Cutting and drawing

Preschoolers are also taught to draw and cut with scissors. Working with their hands will go a long way in helping them improve their fine motor skill and hand-eye coordination. As their cutting and drawing skill develops, it will become easier for them to work with paintbrushes, glue, and pencils.

How to help

Buy things your child can use to write at home like a drawing board, jumbo crayons, chalk, and markers. You can help you child fine-tune his motor skill by playing puzzle and building games that will make him move his hands and fingers.


This is likely one of the most important skills your child will learn during his time at preschool.

To help your child get along with other kids, he will be asked to participate in group activities and taught to communicate his needs and follow directions.

Final note

There are a lot of amazing skills your little one will learn during preschool. To help him learn quicker, you have to play your part. This can mean everything from buying writing and drawing tool to reading and singing with him.