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Melaine Daniels is a 29-year-old tradesperson's assistant who enjoys theatre and social media. She is friendly and reliable, but can also be very rude and a bit moody.

Interesting Facts about DNA Profiling

Over the past decades, DNA profiling has played a major role in solving crimes as well as to check if two people are related to settle disputes. Companies such as MapMyGene offers DNA profiling as a commercial and accessible service through Genetic Tests and Genome Mapping. Below are some interesting facts about DNA profiling:    […]

Inborn Talent Genetic Test: A Thorough Study

Since 2009, Map My Gene has specialized in the field of Genetic Testing. It offers a gene test that can produce the complete study of your DNA. Why does one need genetic testing? It is essential to know the characteristics of a child right from its birth in order to explore its potentials, talents and […]

Importance of Genetic Testing for Health & Body

There was a time when 23andME was the only company operating in the context of genetic testing. With the advancement in science and technology and more demand for genetic testing for medical and health reasons, many companies started working in this domain after getting approval from the FDA. Some Known DNA health tests: With new […]

The Medical Importance of Genetic Testing for Inherited Disease

In the context of medical science, genetic testing for finding out hereditary diseases is essential when criteria for the individual being tested upon and for a genetic disorder are fulfilled. The specific requirements of the Individual: The specific requirements of the individual, in this case, would be: In case the individual has a risk of […]

Four Things to Consider When Choosing an Enrichment Class for Your Child

Student enrichment classes are designed to help kids of different ages expand their horizons and learn a skill that will help them perform well academically and socially. Presently, there are several enrichment centres in Novena, Singapore. While some of them are great to help your little one to perform better in school and nurture important […]

How to Prepare a Professional Development Plan for Teachers

As a school administrator, it is part of your responsibility to help your teachers learn strategies that will help them do their job better. One way you can arm your teachers with the information they need to overcome the unique challenges they will face is by having a professional developmentsession occasionally. If you have been […]

Enrichment Classes: Are They Really Necessary?

Singaporean parents have different views on enrichment classes. While some see it as a programme that can help their kids soar to new heights, others don’t really think it is that important. If you are stuck in the middle and can’t really determine if an enrichment class will be good for your kid, you are […]

How to Manage Attention Issues in Children

How quickly a child learns depends on how attentive he is to everything going on around him. Younger children learn by observing. For them to imitate what they see, they need to be attentive. When they get to school-going age, children need to be attentive in class.  Unfortunately, some children struggle with attention. Some of […]

How Brain Training Helps to Improve Brain Fitness

If your child’s inattentiveness and poor performance in school are frustrating you, it is best to consider the possibility of a weakness in his brain fitness system. Unfortunately, Singapore’s competitiveness is not just limited to the economy but academics as well.  This puts children whose brains are not fit at a disadvantage because they are […]

Sensory Processing Therapy Activities You Can Do at Home

When your child first starts his journey at a reputable sensory processing therapy in Singapore, it is a sigh of relief, knowing that he is receiving the help he needs. Much as the occupational therapist will do everything possible to help your child manage his responses to sensory stimulation, there is so much you can […]

A sneak peek at what your child will learn during preschool

Many parents in Singapore send their kids to preschool to prepare them for kindergarten. Whether you are a new parent or not, you likely may be considering doing the exact same thing. As you prepare to send your child to any of the reputable preschool programs in Singapore, a part of you may wonder what […]

Important things you need to know about social skill therapy in Singapore

Social skill therapy is geared towards helping people with mental issues or developmental disabilities improve their social skills. Therapy can also help children with autism and people suffering from mood disorder, anxiety disorder, and other diagnoses. Presently, there are a lot of centers in Singapore with professional therapists that use social skill therapy to help […]

Why Americans should Learn Spanish

Most natives might think that Spanish is a foreign language and that learning it isn’t helpful. Wrong. Studies and experiences show that learning a second language provides a handful of benefits in the personal growth of an individual. Whether for work and for leisure, being bilingual is a must. History tells us how influential the […]

Interior Design Education – InfoBarrel

There is a thing quite mesmerizing about flames dancing over the logs of the burning fire. This style is sometimes called Feng Shui, which is becoming very popular. In lieu of buying costly furniture or add new scopes to your home, a far more affordable and easier way can be done – purchase some planned […]

Freddie, Fannie, AIG and Bonuses, What About It Barney

This is not a post in support of bonuses, just a call for parity. When AIG paid retention bonuses to their employees of $165 million dollars all hell broke loose.  When it was announced that AIG had paid the bonuses (approved by the government) politicians led by Barney Frank were furious and led the protests. […]

What Positions of Your Minister Do You Share?

I do not attend, the church of my choice, on a regular basis. My attendance dwindled when the minister, in my opinion, crossed the line from minister to politicians. I am a firm believer in the separation of church and state and thus when politics enters the sanctuary I am not inclined to be there. […]

Ok Lefties, Let The Call For Impeachment Begin?

Remember during the Bush years how you lefties called for the impeachment of the President for his illegal wiretapping of citizens. Well, President Obama (rightly so) is invoking government secrecy in defending the Bush administration’s wiretapping program in a case against AT&T A lawyer for the customers, Kevin Bankston stated that he was disappointed in the […]

Ethics Reform Pelosi Style

Ethics Reform Speaker Pelosi Style as reported by Congressman Eric Cantor Chief Deputy Republican Whip:  Only the Democrat House Leadership could find an unethical way to pass an “ethics” bill. House Democrats had crafted legislation, an ethics bill in name only, that will do nothing to clean-up Washington. In fact, many non-partisan experts believe that […]