Inborn Talent Genetic Test: A Thorough Study

Inborn Talent Genetic Test for Kids

Since 2009, Map My Gene has specialized in the field of Genetic Testing. It offers a gene test that can produce the complete study of your DNA. Why does one need genetic testing? It is essential to know the characteristics of a child right from its birth in order to explore its potentials, talents and abilities. If you are too eager to know what your child may become in the future or want to know what he/she likes, dislikes, potentials, skills and so on, it is good to take your child for a genetic test. Map My Gene offers a genetic test named Inborn Talent Genetic Test (ITGT) which has become so popular especially in the countries Singapore, USA, Malaysia and Indonesia and has created a revolution in the field of Genomics.

What is an Inborn Talent Genetic Test?

It is a genetic test that can be taken by new-born children whose innate talents, behavior, abilities, likes, dislikes and a lot more information can be known with precise details. Knowing their hidden talents well in advance can help parents guide them in the right path and also provide them with a bright future. Knowing their potentials can provide them with essential career advice and guidance that would lay a great foundation for their lives. Prediction of which diseases your children may be prone to, which substances they are intolerant to, their strengths and weaknesses and so much more can help you mould their lives in a better path. Before you get your child to take this test, you must be thinking about valid reasons for taking it.

Why Inborn Talent Genetic Test?

Some parents might find it difficult to find out their childs talents and interests. Some may find them but there are a lot of chances that they might be wrong. Forcing a child out of your own presumptions on what he/she likes may ruin his/her career and also mentally stress them out. There may be cases where your child himself may find it difficult to explore his innate talents and abilities. When you have this wonderful test that can provide you with utmost useful data regarding his/her whole DNA profile, why do you want to struggle by guessing? Just take a deep breath and let your child take this test as early as possible. You would never regret spending money for this test and would certainly end up astonished after looking at so much intricate information from the test results. Now that you are aware why your child needs to take this test, it would be even beneficial if you know its pros.

Pros of taking an Inborn Talent Genetic Test:

  • Explore your childs innate skills and abilities to a great extent.
  • A vivid understanding about your childs behavior, character, likes, dislikes and much more.
  • DNA Profile that lists out around 46 traits belonging to the categories personality traits, IQ, EQ, artistic, sports, physical fitness and addiction.
  • Guidance and consultancy for proper growth and development of your child to be one of those gifted children.
  • Finding diseases that your body can be easily affected by.
  • Testing procedure is so simple and natural.
  • Extremely accurate results.

How is Inborn Talent Genetic Test done at Map My Gene?

1. Firstly, the medical professionals need your DNA sample. This is taken from the cells of your cheek using the designated instrument.

2. Once the sample is taken, it goes to the Map My Gene lab for further testing.

3. At the lab, the sample is studied extensively by the worlds most reputed and talented scientists who garner a lot of information about your DNA.

4. The genetic data is further converted to human-understandable language and is delivered to the respective people.

5. The data once transferred will be kept highly confidential and will be used later for further guidance and consultancy only when people associated with the respective profile approach them.

Hope you are aware and convinced about Inborn Talent Genetic Test and its benefits. For further information regarding DNA testing refer to Map My Gene.